Tiny Crypto Startup Has Lessons for Libra’s ‘Unbanked’ Dreams

Out of dozens of token projects that supposedly aimed to offer financial services like remittances to the unbanked, Bitspark is one of the few still fully operational today.

If Facebook’s Libra project truly aims to serve the globe’s 1.7 billion unbanked, the Hong Kong-based Bitspark might offer some insights.

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Libra is Now Available on SWFT Blockchain

Today, the Libra testnet version was launched on SWFT Blockchain. This brings Facebook’s Libra a step closer to being able to be swapped with other 200+ cryptocurrencies.

SWFT Pay is an instant exchange and payment aggregation platform. It has got access to all the major cryptocurrency payment networks. This cross-chain wallet and exchange platform enabled the swapping of more than 200 digital currencies instantly. It has also collaborated with other wallets to allow users to in-wallet currency swaps. Once Libra goes onboard full-fledged, it can be swapped with other tokens on SWFT Blockchain within seconds.

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